Horses That Make It Happen

Silver Buckle staff thoroughly evaluates and assesses all potential program horses. Only a small percentage of applicants meet our high standards of excellence and are accepted into our program. Horses are evaluated on their merits of temperament, soundness, training, and compatibility with the various levels of riders and activities performed. The safety of our students is our highest priority. Our program horses are crucial to the vitality of the ranch and held to a very high standard. In return they are treated and cared for with the upmost regard and respect.


Birth Year: 1991

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Dun

About: Chip is the oldest horse in the Silver Buckle herd, and has been here longer than most can remember! Chip has been on a Washington State High School Equestrian Team, received awards for participating on a competitive drill team, and spent many years competing at the Clark County Fair. His sweet and easy-going personality has made him a long time favorite at the Ranch.

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Birth Year: 1992

Breed: Quarter Horse/Arabian

Color: Gray

About: Pepper was donated to Silver Buckle Ranch in 2009. Pepper is a kind and patient teacher and has years of experience under his girth. From lessons to parades and even drill teams, Pepper has just about done it all.

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Birth Year: 2000

Breed: Pony of Americas

Color: Bay Varnish Appaloosa

About: Rocky joined the Silver Buckle Herd in 2017 on lease from Peggy Neikirk. Rocky was shown all over the United States and has Regional, World, and International trophies in every event from Halter to Reining to Gaming events and is now enjoying his time teaching young riders at Silver Buckle.

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Birth Year: 1999

Breed: Shetland Pony

Color: Gray

About: Buttons was donated to Silver Buckle in 2009. Prior to coming to the ranch, Buttons was used in parades, plays, field trips, and taken in classrooms as well as ponied along on trail rides. She loves to be groomed and is a great introductory horse to anyone who is just getting started.

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Birth Year: 2001

Breed: American Saddlebred

Color: Chestnut

About: Rosie joined Silver Buckle Ranch in 2019 on lease from Hailey Holding. Rosie has enjoyed a varied career, from the show ring, trails, and most recently as a lesson mount. Her expressive eyes have made her a favorite for groundwork and EGALA therapy sessions.

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Birth Year: 2005

Breed: Pony of Americas

Color: Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

About: Angel joined the Silver Buckle herd in 2019 on lease from Peggy Neikirk. Angel is the smallest horse in the herd, with a huge heart. After being shown successfully for many years and participating in trainers challenges, she has found her calling as a children’s lesson horse. We are very excited to have her and her wonderful talents as part of our herd.

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Birth Year: 2001

Breed: Appendix

Color: Chestnut

About: Tucker joined the Silver Buckler herd on lease from Chelsea Murray in early 2020. Tucker is a retired endurance racer who now enjoys everything from teaching advanced lessons to working in our birthday parties. At 16.2 hands, Tucker is the tallest horse in the herd and can be found spending his days out in the pasture with his girlfriend Rosie.

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*In the event an on-trial horse leaves the program, sponsorship will be transferred to another herd member.

Program Horses in Action