Silver Buckle Ranch is proud to have an incredible team of lesson horses as the core of our programs. All horses go through a rigorous screening process to determine if they have a suitable temperament for lessons, then they have a 60 day trial where they acclimate and begin to participate in lessons. Only 10% of the horses sent to us make it past the initial screening process, leaving us with a great core group of horses for new students to learn the ropes of riding on.

If you are interested in donated or leasing a horse to Silver Buckle Ranch, you can email


Birth Year: 2005

Breed: Pony of the Americas

Color: Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

About: Angel joined the Silver Buckle herd in 2019 on lease from Peggy Neikirk. Angel may be the smallest riding horse in the herd, but she has a huge heart. After being shown successfully for many years and participating in trainers challenges, she has found her calling as a children’s lesson horse. We are very excited to have her and her wonderful talents as part of our herd.


Birth Year: 2002

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Chestnut

About: Bob joined Silver Buckle Ranch on lease from Brandy Turcotte in 2020. Bob is a big gelding with a big personality to match, and he loves working with his little riders in our Friday night games lessons.


Birth Year: 1991

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Dun

About: Chip is the oldest horse in the Silver Buckle herd, and has been here longer than most can remember! Chip has been on a Washington State High School Equestrian Team, received awards for participating on a competitive drill team, and spent many years competing at the Clark County Fair. His sweet and easy-going personality has made him a long time favorite at the Ranch. Chip has been retired since 2021 and enjoys his relaxed life bossing his pasture mates around.


Birth Year: 2001

Breed: Clydesdale

Color: Black

About: Grace joined the herd in 2020 on lease from Debra Hentz. Grace is a gentle giant of a mare who has no idea how large she is, and wants nothing more than to be everybody’s best friends. She loves scratches and attention, and is often waiting at her gate for staff to catch her for lessons. Her gentle slow gait makes her the perfect horse for riders working on building confidence.


2021 Platinum Level Sponsor: Debra Hentz


Birth Year: 2002

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Palomino

About: Jewel joined the Silver Buckle herd in 2020 on lease from Jenna Jenkins. Jewel brings a great quirky personality to the ranch, and is always the first one to meet you at the gate. She loves scratches, food and her best friend Misty. Our staff and students are a big fan of her antics and her beautiful golden color.


Birth Year: 2002

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Dun

About: Misty joined the Silver Buckle herd in 2020 on lease from Brandy Turcotte. Once a 4H and gaming pony, she has found her calling in teaching young children the ropes of horseback riding. Her fun personality and willingness to please both riders and instructors has made her a fast favorite of everyone at the ranch.


Birth Year: 2004

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bay

About: Nix joined us on lease from Brandy Turcotte in 2021. Nix had a previous career showing in 4H and working at a therapeutic riding center. His gorgeous gaits and goofy personality have quickly made him a favorite of staff and students alike..


Birth Year: 2003

Breed: Standardbred

Color: Bay

About: Phoenix joined the ranch in summer of 2021. He was previously a ranch, hunting horse, and gave lots of rides to his previous owners grandchildren. We are excited to have him and his kind quite personality with us at the ranch.


Birth Year: 2000

Breed: Pony of the Americas

Color: Bay Varnish Appaloosa

About: Rocky joined the Silver Buckle Herd in 2017 on lease from Peggy Neikirk. Rocky was shown all over the United States and has Regional, World, and International trophies in every event from Halter to Reining to Gaming events and is now enjoying his time teaching young riders at Silver Buckle.


Birth Year: 2007

Breed: Trakehner/Paint

Color: Bay Paint

About: Taz joined us on a partial-lease from Kassandra Bullcreek in 2022. Taz previously competed in eventing and dressage and now spends time on the trails and doing low-level dressage with his owner. Riders love his eagerness to work and beautiful big movement. Taz’s greatest joy in life is finding the biggest mud puddle around to roll in.


Birth Year: 2011

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bay

About: Tinkerbell joined us on a partial-lease from Sarah Long in 2022. Tinkerbell has experience in reining, the equitation ring but her favorite thing to do it hit the trails. Students who ride her love her eagerness to please and her smooth gaits.