**Now accepting scholarship applications!**

Silver Buckle Ranch offers scholarships for riding lessons on a limited, donation based opportunities. Scholarships range in amount with students paying as little as $5 per lesson up to 50% of the lesson cost.

We accept scholarship applications for a limited amount of time, and once all are gathered applications are presented to our Board of Directors to determine who will be receiving the scholarships for that period of time. Applications ask for information on the household occupants and income, as well as a brief summary of why you believe you or your nominee would be a good fit for riding at the ranch.

To Apply :

  • Potential Student must be between the ages of 9 and 17.
  • Determine if your applicant can abide by our Student Policies.
  • Fill out the Scholarship Application.
  • Return application via email.


2022 Scholarship Application

Please email applications to instructors@silverbuckleranch.org