Skilled instructors and trained volunteers work with youth during our instructional horsemanship classes, ranch experiences, and mentoring programs.  Classes are offered in an inviting and supportive environment and encourage discussion, reflection, and peer group interactions. Below is a list of programs and classes offered by Silver Buckle Ranch.   To register for a camp or to find out about lesson availability e-mail the Ranch at (our preferred method)  or call (360) 260 - 8932. 

We tried many types of activities and interventions over the past year and a half, with limited success. There was one program that really, really worked for him, however; the therapeutic riding program at Silver Buckle Ranch. He excelled there. More than anywhere else, he was able to step out of his trauma and feel really good about himself, he glowed. He speaks so fondly of his experience at Silver Buckle, a moment when he was a kid again. I know the impact was profound. Thank you.
— Social Worker DSHS Children's Administration


Ranch HANDS is our signature program. The six-week course specifically helps adolescents overcome the struggles all young people are faced with to some degree growing up today, such as self-esteem, fear, and anger. Through the Ranch HANDS program, students learn how their actions affect others and themselves. The program is structured so that each week students are presented with a different theme (i.e. trustworthiness, responsibility, teamwork, etc.). Assignments and activities for that week reinforce the topic and help students to understand the subject matter, reflect on it during group discussions, and implement it at home in their own lives. Ranch HANDS meets once a week for two hours, the cost is $245.

Spring 2015 Ranch HANDS

Spring 2015 Ranch HANDS

Little Wranglers

Our Little Wranglers day camps are a great way to introduce young ones to horses. Designed for ages four to six, Little Wranglers offers age appropriate guidance and instruction for youngsters just starting out. Campers learn about the importance of safety, leading, grooming and ride with the assistance of a trained volunteer. Little Wrangler camps are offered on Saturdays and the cost is $40 for two hours. 

         Next Camp is on Saturday, March 18th from 10am to noon.  
Following Camp is Saturday, April 22nd, at 10am.
Email Ranch to Register.


Afternoon at the Ranch

On Saturdays we also offer Afternoon at the Ranch for our older students between the ages of seven and twelve. New students and graduating Little Wranglers again learn about the importance of safety. Students also assist with the care of our horses, such as cleaning, feeding, and watering and are taught the importance of looking after our herd. Additionally campers groom, lead, and ride our horses. Afternoon at the Ranch camps are two hours long and cost $40. 

             Next Camp is on Saturday, March 18th from 1pm to 3pm.
Following Camp is Saturday, April 22nd, at 1pm.
  Email Ranch to Register.


Riding Lessons

Students who are interested in pursuing riding and would like to advance their skills are encouraged to join one of our lesson programs. Our instructors offer both private and group lessons for beginners through intermediate and advanced riders. Private lessons provide one-on-one guidance with a knowledgeable instructor using either a ranch program horse or your own horse.  Group lessons accommodate two to four riders who are matched by age and skill level. Private lessons are one hour and the cost is $50. Group lessons are also one hour and the cost is $40.  All of our riding lessons include elements of horse care, such as saddling, training, and health care.

  We have four riding instructors providing lessons.    Standard lesson times include, but are not limited to, Weekends, Friday mornings, and Monday & Tuesday evenings. 
mail Ranch for more information.


Birthday parties

What better way to celebrate your child's birthday than with a memorable experience at Silver Buckle Ranch?  Birthday parties are two hours long total. The first hour is spent with our Silver Buckle program horses grooming and riding. The second hour is the opportunity for you to have your party in our barn or classroom.  We provide the tables and Ranch environment; you bring the rest of the party needs. Birthday parties are available Saturdays and Sundays. The cost for hosting a party at Silver Buckle is $175 for up to 10 children. (Please add $10 for each additional child.)


Field Trips

Plan your next activity away from the classroom! Kids love to visit Silver Buckle Ranch where they can learn how to rope, groom Buttons our mini horse, play fun games, hop on the Silver Buckle Express, and even ride one of our program horses! Bring a sack lunch and leave with a smile! Field trips are two hours long and cost $20 per child. 


Scout Groups

Silver Buckle would love to help your scouts complete their horsemanship badges. Bring the whole troop and we'll help them earn their scout merits. Scout camps cost $40/scout for two hours or $60/scout for three hours. Discounts for groups of eight or more.

Girl Scout Troop 41251 October 2015

Girl Scout Troop 41251 October 2015


Private Camps

Have a large group and want to organize a private camp? That's no problem! Rates for private camps are $40 per rider for two hours and $60 per rider for three hours. Camps can be one time or scheduled weekly for a fixed number of weeks. 


GATE Program

Vancouver Public School's GATE program is a community based program where young adults ages 18 - 21 can learn vocational skills, time management, effective communication, and move towards independence while giving back to the community at various work sites. Silver Buckle Ranch is proud to be one of the work sites where students can learn new skills and gain work experience. Gate students help around the ranch with maintenance, cleaning, and caring for our horses.   

GATE student pressure washing troughs at the ranch, Summer 2015

GATE student pressure washing troughs at the ranch, Summer 2015


Juvenile Justice

Silver Buckle ranch partners with Clark County Juvenile Courts Restorative Justice program. The ranch serves as a place for youth to give back to their community in a positive, constructive, and restorative way. Teens learn valuable skills such as communication and work ethic through physical labor at the ranch. Silver Buckle provides a positive, calm and reassuring atmosphere where the youth can flourish and grow. On more than one occasion, while cleaning a pasture, a horse has come up and put their head on the shoulder of one of the participants, which results in a big smile and a sense of purpose in the job they are doing. As Silver Buckle Ranch continues to grow, we look forward to expanding this partnership and serving more youth in a meaningful and productive way.



We are proud to offer the exciting sport of cow sorting at Silver Buckle Ranch. Sorting is open to all ages and skill levels. Sign ups begin at 6:30, sorting starts at 7:00. Cost is $25 for three runs.  Questions?  Contact Keri at        

   Sorting happens every other Thursday at 7:00pm (arena opens at 6:30 for warm-up)
           Next event is Thursday, January 26th in our indoor arena.
                No reservation required.  Bring $25 cash or check only please.

Keri Gorman cow sorting at Silver Buckle Ranch, May 2015

Keri Gorman cow sorting at Silver Buckle Ranch, May 2015