Beginner Wranglers Camp is a great way to introduce young and inexperienced youth to horses.

Designed for ages four to six AND for older kids timid about their first horse experience, Beginner Wranglers offers appropriate guidance and instruction for youngsters just starting out. Campers learn about the importance of safety, leading, grooming and riding with the assistance of a trained volunteer.  Also, campers will have the opportunity to participate in horse care such as poop picking, barn sweeping, and water bucket cleaning so that they understand the work it takes to own a horse.

Beginner Wrangler camps are offered on Saturday mornings and the cost is $50 for two hours.
Registration is required to reserve a seat in the camp.
Payment expected at the start of the camp.


Next Camp is on Saturday in June 9th
10:00 am till noon

To register for the Camp, Email =
with name and age of the camper
and name and contact information for parent or legal guardian.