Ranch Time is a great way to introduce youth to horses.

Horses have an amazing ability to bring hope and it is no secret that kids who are raised on farms and ranches are often presented with valuable growth opportunities. “Ranch Time” brings both together! These programs are not just about horses but learning skills and building confidence. They participate in fun ranch activities, do chores, learn about horses, horse care, and of course ride!

Ranch Time is two hours in length, usually on a Saturday, and open to youth 5-11 years of age. $50 per child.

Registration is required to reserve a seat in the camp.
Payment expected at the start of the camp.

Keep an eye on this page for future Ranch Time dates!

To register for Ranch Time, email us at info@silverbuckleranch.org
with name and age of the youth to attend
and name and contact information for parent or legal guardian.