Individuals who are interested in pursuing riding and would like to advance their skills, or those who are simply looking to connect with a horse are encouraged to join one of our lesson programs. Our instructors offer both private and group lessons for beginners through intermediate riders.


Group Lessons Private Lessons
Up to 4 student per lesson. One-on-one instruction.
Students are grouped by age and ability level. Only available with select instructors.
An opportunity to ride one of the Ranch’s lesson horses. Can be taken with a Ranch horse or a private horse.
Reccomended for beginners through intermedate riders. Reccomended for advanced riders and those who desire more personalized attention.

All of our riding lessons include elements of horse care, such as grooming, saddling, and basic care.

We have a short questionnaire for potential new students to complete so that we can determine the best match between our instructor team and the student. We provide lessons on weekends, weekdays, and evenings.

Email for more information.