**All Group and Private Hour-Long Lessons are currently FULL**

Individuals who are interested in pursuing riding and would like to advance their skills, or those who are simply looking to connect with a horse are encouraged to join one of our lesson programs. Private lessons are required for a minimum of one month when starting, when a student shows awareness and control of their horse they will be invited to join the next appropriate group opening.

Silver Buckle Ranch is proud to teach “Center Riding”, a versatile method that allows students to move to whichever discipline they choose to specialize in. We teach the same standard skills regardless of tack choice and focus on proper body positions to allow better communication between horse and rider. We are also a whole horsemanship program, where students learn more than just riding including horse care, first aid, groudwork, ect.

Group Lessons Private Lessons
Up to 3 student per lesson. One-on-one instruction.
Students are grouped by age and ability level. Only available with select instructors.
Recommended for beginners through intermediate riders, once they can ride independently. Required for brand new riders until they learn proper horse control, and advanced riders seeking a more personalized experience.
Allows riders to socialize with other individuals who are around the same age and skill level. $70/hour
$50 per hour

Lessons are 1 hour in length and include:

* grooming and horse preparation in the stall
* about 30-45 minutes of riding instruction
* unsaddling and returning equipment to the tack room

At Silver Buckle Ranch, we believe that all riders can benefits from learning basic horse care, individual responsibility, and communication skills as well as riding skills. Lessons are available in English and Western tack.

All riding students are required to wear a riding helmet (ranch helmets available for Level 1-2 students, Level 3 students are required to have their own helmet) and smooth soled boots with a heel no higher than 1.5 inches.

Riding Level 1: Riding at the walk, basics of grooming, tacking, arena etiquette, and basic horsemanship.

Riding Level 2: Riding at the trot, elaborating on using the aids, independence when grooming and tacking, learning to ride different horses.

Riding Level 3: Riding at the canter, suppleness and collection, advanced horsemanship such as lunging, tack fitting, first aid, etc.

*If you believe you or your student rides at a level 2 or 3 please let us know so we can schedule an evaluation to determine their skill level.

Email instructors@silverbuckleranch.org for more information.