Our riding instructor evaluates, coordinates, and approves riders eligible for a group lesson
so that all students get quality training and a safe experience at the Ranch.

We specialize in beginner and intermediate riders;
especially young riders (minimum age = 4 years old)
interested in any styles of riding including Western and English.

Our lesson horses, in partnership with our riding instructors,
enjoy helping riders learn basics commands through to more competitive riding
such as barrel racing, trail courses, & gaming.

Lessons are available weekdays (primarily in the afternoon and early evening)
and on weekends (primarily morning and early afternoon).

Lessons are 1 hour in length and include:
* grooming and horse preparation in the stall
* saddling with equipment from our tack room
* walking the horse on lead-line to the riding arena
* about 45 minutes of riding instruction
* returning to the barn stable
* unsaddling and returning equipment to the tack room
* saying “thank you and see you next time” to your lesson horse

At Silver Buckle Ranch, we believe that all riders need to understand
basic horse care, individual responsibility, and communication skills as well as lessons for riding skills.

All riding students are required to wear a riding helmet (which we can provide)
and close-toed shoes with sturdy soles (riding shoes or boots are preferred).

Cost:  Group Lessons are $40 per rider
** Our instructors form these groups after riders complete at least one private lesson so the rider can be assessed and then guarantee safety in the group ride. **

Payment can be made with cash, check (payable to Silver Buckle Ranch) or credit cards (with 5% added to cover our service charge).
To assure your particular lesson time is reserved just for you, we ask that lessons be paid in advance.
Scheduled lesson cancellation requires 24 hour notice.

Does your young rider have friends to ride with?   Turn your group lesson into a specialized Camp!